Seattle Artist Bronson Shonk has an academic background in Environmental Science and a professional background in Data Analytics.  His captures change through time on paper, canvas and glass layered sculpture.

My work is an of exploration growth; how we perceive change in ourselves and our environment. Preserving ideas and marking events for future selves and generations is one of the most human acts. It dates back to the earliest cave drawings and has continued into our contemporary obsession with data. Climate trends are collected in datasets, wars documented in history books, and our heights are marked and dated on the walls of childhood homes. Scientific, political or sentimental, they all serve the purpose of measuring change over time. And it’s a worthy cause. It gives us a greater depth of knowledge into our environment and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

In my work I depict abstracted representations of growth. Lines reach in different directions like a plant reaching upward, optimizing for sunlight. Some of the marks develop into full branches or leaves while others fade to the background, only remaining as faint traces of untaken paths. The history of growth is laid out for you to see, much like faded markings of children's height on a wall. My paintings are layers of time series data in the form of paint on canvas.

-Bronson Shonk

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