Artist Statement
My work is about growth: how change manifests over time.

Parents graph their children’s growth with each passing year by marking heights on door frames. We are capturing prolific amounts of information on everything from climate to personal fitness. I spent 10 years studying the world through an analytic lens, with a degree in Environmental Science and a professional career in data visualization at Tableau software. Whether used for sentiment or science visualizing information is critical to how we experience our world.

For example, if you take a snapshot of a ballerina dancing you have one image, a single data point. Degas did this with his Before the Ballet. Take a series of action shots of that same dancer and you have a representation of movement, a data set.  Duchamp did this with his Nude Descending a Staircase giving us a more complete picture, thus allowing us to "see" the action in its entirety.

My paintings are visual representations of growth, action, and movement in the form of lines and gestures on canvas. I depict growing forms reaching in myriad directions like plants reaching upward, optimizing for sunlight. With each layer I paint successive stages of development. Like the photographs of a dancer in motion, I overlay each consecutive image on top of itself. Whereas Joan Mitchell painted dying sunflowers, I paint the lifecycle of sunflowers.

In my paintings you can see a history of maturation, much like the faded markings of children’s heights on a wall: layered time series as paint on canvas.